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Grow bags- gardening at your fingertips

Gardening is one of the most enjoyable and exciting and enjoyable things a person can enjoy. It is one of the best time-passing activities with more significant advantages. You can enjoy yourself while getting some nutrition to your daily meals through the fresh fruits and veggies you grow. The self-satisfaction is immense. But if you have any doubt or disturbance because you have a tiny space to grow, do not worry. You have an answer right beside you. That is producing the crops in grow bags

Grow bag gardening is one of the popular concepts in agriculture. Convenience is the key for it to be so popular. Let us learn more about gardening bags. 

Grow bag gardening

Being one of the most creative and convenient methods, grow bag gardening is increasing its popularity among the communities. When you look at the concept, it keeps everyone at ease about gardening. It is an easier way of growing your garden at the distance of your fingertips. This is the crucial thing that makes it attractive. Let us learn more about this beautiful gardening concept. 

Advantages of grow bag garden systems

There are several plus points in Grow Bag gardening. The most important fact is the convenience. 

  • Unlike the vegetable beds you prepare on the ground, gardening n grow bags are much easier to make. You only need a proper grow bag and some good-quality soil mix.
  • The next thing is the ease of finding grow bags. You have readymade grow bags made out of different materials to produce. But you also could use several other items to replace the grow bags. Among the rice bags, dog food bags, Ikea reusable bags, and old pillowcases. Denim jean legs or shorts, Burlap bags, and potting soil bags are the most popular. You can use any of these materials as a grow bag. Many of these alternatives are not expensive and reachable. So, you can use any of the above for the purpose.
  • The next point is that you need not worry about overwatering. The extra water moves through the holes you make, leaving only the required moisture. So, it is a much better way for the plants.
  • Grow nags are easily movable. You can move the grow bags to any place of convenience according to your preferences. It is a wonderful and the most convenient way to maintain a small plantation near the kitchen with the essential plants and herbs you might need for your meals. 
  • Planting the crops in the grow bags is a healthy way to plant roots. It makes them more nutritious. The nutrients are absorbed faster than a plant on the ground; you get all the needed nutrients in the bag. This means that the plants are much healthier. 

You could enjoy these benefits if you plant in grow bags. But remember that there are also specific cons. Below are some essential points you should be careful of as disadvantages. 

  • The plants in grow bags need more water than those planted in the ground or traditional pots. Their water need is more. 
  • If you need to move the grow bags constantly, think of the size convenient for that when it is full of soil. You must remember This one central point when selecting the grow bags for the specific crops you wish to plant. 
  • Also, the soil in the grow bags needs more fertilization regularly than the plants in the ground. So, you must monitor this fact and occasionally feed the earth with the necessary nutrients. 

Apart from these disadvantages, grow bag gardens are one of the effective methods to create a more manageable garden.

How to pick suitable crops for garden planter bags?

You can only do a successful job if you think of growing your crops in plant grow bags. You need to know the most suitable crops to grow in garden bags. The crop type determines many facts in selecting a grow bag for gardening. 

It is always best to look for dwarf varieties with high yields when you select plant varieties. As they are small, they could give you the best outcome when grown in a grow bag. Also, plants that grow like bushes would be suitable too. Lettuce, cucumber, green onion, tomato, strawberries, potatoes, and eggplant are some of the best plants in the grow bags. 

Also, herbs like ginger, garlic, thyme, parsley, basil, and rosemary are ideal for planting in the grow bags. We could also grow flowers in grow bags as well. Small bush-like flower floral plants that grow well with flowers would create an ideal flower garden. It will be aesthetically very appealing as well. 

Facts to consider before you plan your garden grow bags

Remembering some facts when planning your garden in grow bags would be best. 

  • The most essential thing is to get the correct grow bag size. This must be done according to the types of plants you wish to plant. 
  • Also, the correct type of material for the grow bag matters a lot. You must pick the right material type as it impacts the water retention and nutrient concentration needed for a healthy plant. So, it is good to take care when choosing your grow bags.
  • The colors matter a lot. Usually, the black paint has more considerable heat retention that, sometimes, is not good for the plants. So always go for some lighter shades to not make the soil inside the plant hot. The ground being constantly hot may affect the earth’s fertility as well. 
  • If you are planting thirsty plants, have a self-watering grow bag. Also, you can install a self-watering system for those plants that need water. 
  • Filling the bag with the correct soil type is also very important. You need to get the right soil mix from the garden shop, or you can prepare it at home. It is very similar to the compost mix. So, you need not stress too much about making your own. The correct combination would help you yield better from your growing plants.
  • Place the grow bags with the plants in the best location. This is very important for the plants to get the correct amount of sunlight and rainwater. So choose the best place to place the plants, especially young ones. 

Be sure that you remember these tips when you make you grow bag garden at home.

What is the best soil mix that suits the grow bags?

If you plan your plantation in the grow bags, look for the best combination. There is no set rule on preparing the soil mix. You can do it as you want. But you must ensure that your variety suits the plants you plan to grow. Also, you can buy the readymade soil mix from the garden shops. They are made according to the best standards. 

The Loam based soil mix is the best for the grow bags. It is because of the ideal and the perfect combination of sand, clay, and all the other organic matter in the correct percentages. It has the pores and the nutrient materials in the right quantities. And the other point is that it has the best water retention capacity for the crops to grow in the bags.

A good soil mix will always have a sound drainage system. So, the pants will only have the needed amount of water. The access water would drain away well through the soil.

Also, if the soil mix is good, it will provide a good air supply to the roots. The soil must be loose enough to carry the necessary air through the ground.

If you are preparing your soil mix, use the below at home.

1/3 moss, 1/3 compost mixture with chicken manure or mushroom compost, and 1/3 vermiculite, a moisture-retentive mineral.

It is always better to remember these facts about the soil mix preparation. It will be very helpful if you are making it at home. 

The best grow bags

If you plan to start your own grow bag garden, pick the correct type of bag from the most suitable material according to the weather and the variety of plants you wish to raise. Here are some facts about the best materials for growing bags. You can usually get them from the garden shop. But if you are stitching them at home, you also can consider these materials to make them. 

Before discussing the grow bag types, we need to understand the facts that will determine the best grow bags. 

  • Think of the material’s breathability as the plants and the soil needs a good supply of air and water. 
  • Also, the bags should be reusable several times. Getting a material that will sustain several cycles is more convenient and economical. 
  • The portability of the bags is also a must. Consider this if you plan to move them around to get the best sunlight constantly. The bags should be able to resist the movement and has to be strong enough to hold the soil well during the moving process.
  • The material’s durability for a constant water supply is a must. Also, some materials sometimes would not resist the intense sunlight that some plants might need.

If you plan to buy new grow bags, look for these features. 

  • They need to be easy to use. 
  • It also has to prevent root circling as it significantly affects the growth and well-being of the plant and crops.
  • Also, the grow bags must be lightweight but strong to carry the soil. It is a fact to consider, especially when transporting the loads from one place to another. 
  • And it would help if you were sure that it has user-friendly handles to pick up the bag quickly and carry it around when moving. If you use alternatives like the grow bags, install two handles to move them quickly. 

If the grow bags have these features, do not worry. You have picked the correct bags. 

But there is a concern about the materials as well. Many bags are made out of canvas material which is breathable and eco-friendly. Also, there are choir molded bags, plastic or polythene bags, which sometimes affect the heat capacity of the soil mix. 

If you think of using plastic grow bags, find a way to control the temperature. And also, you need to be specific about the color. Many say that a light color would suit best as the black ones may capture more heat from the sun and make it warm inside. Going for a biodegradable one that will last a few rounds is advisable. 

Below are some of the best grow bag models that you can use. 

  • VIVOSUN Grow Bag– this is made of thick, nonwoven fabric.
  • Garden Grow Bag-this bag is made out of a super breathable fabric that encourages faster growth.
  • OPULENT SYSTEMS Grow Bag JERIA Grow Bag– This range has a wide size range that you could pick according to the need and the type of plants that you will grow.
  • Jeira grows bag is the best for breathable soil, roots, and healthy plant life throughout the year.
  • PHYEX Grow Bag– The breathable fabric of this plant gives better access to a good oxygen supply.
  • Ming Wei Grow Bag is ideal for larger plants as the bags come in bigger sizes.
  • Garden4Ever Grow Bag– these bags are suitable for any plant. 

These are the key points and tips you need to know about plant grow bags.

Are grow bags popular in Sri Lanka?

Like in other parts of the world, grow bags are also popular in Sri Lanka. It is gaining popularity because of the advantages and ease of management. If you live in a limited space like an apartment and still love gardening, you can create your garden through the grow bags.

With the current economic crisis or the downfall of the economy in the country, many people have started growing their veggies. So, the produce bags have come into the scene. This is where many paid attention to developing the crops in grow bags. There are many suppliers of grow bags in the market. But alternative grow bags are popular as well. 

Sri Lankans have access to used rice bags a lot. So, it is one of the most used and suitable media. Much domestic farming is done by using discarded rice bags. There are also jute and polythene bags, and many use different containers. 

Grow bags price in Sri Lanka vary. It depends on the size of the grow bag and the materials of the bags. Also, these bags are sold in a single form and packs containing about 50 bags. It is more straightforward and more economical if you plan to grow various crops. Also, depending on the curability of the bags, you can buy a pack of grow bags and use them for a longer duration. 

Grow bag manufacturers in Sri Lanka

There are many grow bag suppliers in Sri Lanka. The best thing is to order them online as well. Getting the grow bags from the typical garden shops is easy. And also, there are certain distributors who import them from other countries. There might be a price as well as a quality difference between them.

If you plan to expand on a large scale, check the grow bags wholesale in Sri Lanka.

Why do you think the grow bags are popular in Sri Lanka, well there are a few reasons for that.

  • The convenience of maintaining
  • Easy to move from place to place
  • The plants get better nutrients.
  • It is biodegradable and very suitable for the environment.
  • Easy to store
  • It is the ideal way if you have limited garden space.
  • Inexpensive.
  • You can use alternatives such as grow bags.
  • Also, the outcome is pretty satisfying; sometimes, it yields higher than the plants planted on the ground.

Many look for the Coco Pete grow bags, one of the latest developments and revolutionary changes in the grow bag industry. Its popularity has dramatically increased as it is more suitable for the environment.

Answers to the Frequently Asked Questions

We shared frequent questions and concerns about the plantations in grow bags. It will benefit beginners and those who have further doubts about this new concept of agriculture. 

Which one is better, grow bags or pots?

The grow bags are a better solution than the pots as they have a more developed drainage system. The materials used are more breathable and have space for the water to flow freely.

How can you make a garden grow bag?

You can always purchase the readymade bags from the nearest garden shop. Or you can use an alternative as empty dog food bags, empty rice bags, gunny bags, and jute bags. You only need to check the ability to drain the extra water and the breathability to get enough air to the roots. 

Can I reuse the grow bags?

Yes, you can reuse them. Sustainability depends upon the type of material used for the manufacturing process of these bags.

What should I place at the bottom of my grow bag?

You can put some pebbles or stones at the bottom of the grow bag.

Can I move the grow bags from place to place?

Yes, grow bags can be moved from place to place. You can do it at your convenience. And make sure that the sites you select have enough sunlight and heat for the plants to thrive. 

These facts we shared about the grow bags will be beneficial to you when you decide and plan your own little grow bag vegetable garden in the future!