Grow Bags

Quick Grow grow bags are a two-in-one growing media solution that comprises a coir substrate growing medium and a growing container. Our grow bags are ideal for growing improved crops of cucumbers, salad greens, tomatoes, peppers, strawberries, and many more. Our grow bags are super efficient and effective for numerous crops.

Moreover, our grow bags are customizable per specific crop and climate conditions. Furthermore, depending on your setup, we can include pre-cut drainage and dripper holes.

Using grow bags for day-to-day farming purposes is easy. Grow bags do not require a lot of labour as, well. Moreover, growing in coir grow bags helps to improve your crop and increase your farm productivity. 

Quick Grow grow bags are manufactured in our factories, ensuring high-level supervision throughout the manufacturing process and a thorough quality assurance process to offer you the best product.

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Physical Features of Cocopeat Grow Bags

  • Water 80%
  • Air 15%
  • Substrates 05%

Advantages of Grow Bags

  • 100% Natural
  • Renewable resource
  • Excellent water holding capacity
  • Enables the development of a stronger root system
  • Perfect air and water balance
  • Static pH and EC values
  • Easy to use
  • Produced using 100% cocopeat and certain mixtures as specified by the buyer

Physical Features of Cocopeat Grow bags Container

No of Grow Bags per pallet

400 - 1000

No of Pallets per 40" HC Cont

20 - 48