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Coco Peat Disc Is One Of The Innovative And Eco-friendly Growing Medium!

Growing plants in different mediums has become a modern trend. People around the world, with their innovative thinking, try out other methods to create beautiful garden patches. Grow bangs is one such medium that has become popular around the world. Apart from that, the newest medium is the coco peat disc. Let us learn more about this beautiful method of planting. 

Organic coco peat discs

Coco peat discs are one of the most innovative methods of growing plants. Here are some helpful information about them. 

These Coir discs are produced by compressing organic peat in a disc. They use 100% pure materials. To make the discs, they squeeze the coco peat with round-shaped dies to become a flat cylinder-shaped product. You can purchase them in various sizes in diameters.

These are very easy to handle. Coco peat discs re-wet without any issues. They also have good water retention abilities, a remarkable fact regarding planting. Also, they are biodegradable and do not harm the environment at all. 

The discs are best for growing floral plants and other regular planting. You can use these discs in seed trays for seed germination.

It is straightforward to use. You must only place it in a seed tray and wet it properly. 

Using coco peat discs is popular as hydroponic containers for small-scale plantings.

Advantages of Cocopeat Discs

There are several reasons why Coco Peat Disc Usage is becoming popular daily. 

Many love it as it is easy to handle. But let us see what the primary advantages of Coco peat discs are. 

The water-holding capacity of the potting mix can be increased if you use a coco peat disk. It also increases the porosity of the soil. So, using the coco peat discs, you do not have to worry about underwatering your plants. As they are hydrophilic, it is easy to rewet them, as the water is absorbed quickly. 

It is very economical as you need only a minimal amount of coco peat to create a disk. The coco peat has three variables that help to create a perfect disc. The key variables are the higher level of cation, excellent ability to absorb water and high porosity. 

Also, the base of coco peat discs encourages the growth of good bacteria and fungi that helps the plant’s health and development. 

The coco peat disc is very neatly compact and easily shaped. This makes it relatively easy to transport or store. Also, making it into any shape you like helps you create whatever form you need. The only thing is you need the particular shaped mold to make it. 

The nutrition absorption of the coco peat disc is also very high. Also, this medium is viral as the cation is high because the medium is organic. The nutrients are released or absorbed as needed by the plant. 

The base materials of the coco peat disks are readily available as it is a by-product of coconut harvesting. As it is 100%v natural, there is no environmental damage too.

Disadvantages of coco peat products

There are a couple of drawbacks of the coco peat disc as well. The prices are rising and have created a great demand. No tall coco peat is the same. They behave differently. If the discs are done in low-quality peat, you might need help with issues. Also, unlike the grow bags, they do not support the plants enough. The planting discs must be used within a few months of production for the best use. Sometimes, the salt levels of the coco peat can damage the plants. The best thing is to test well and ensure your selected discs are the best. 

Coconut coir products

Many products are created through the by-product of the coconut tree. Among them, the prop-lugger coco peat compressed discs, coco peat pots, and coco peat chip mix discs are the different ways the coco peat is used as a plant medium. It is indeed an eco-friendly product. 

How to use coco peat disc?

Using a cocopeat disc is very easy. You need to place it in the appropriate container and then water it. Once the discs are hydrated, it is ready to use as a medium for planting. Coco peat is used as a good soil supplement to keep the soil hydrated, keeping the plants healthy. It is one of the best ways to grow tissue-cultured plants. 


The coco peat discs consist entirely of environmentally friendly materials and are available in a range of sizes. It is from 20mm, 40mm, 60mm, 80mm, 100 mm, and 120 mm. The product also has different packing options to maintain the quality when transporting. With the world being more focussed on environmental protection and conservation, the coco peat discs as a growing medium are one of the best solutions.