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Planting Discs – A Revolutionary Product For The Entire Agriculture Sector! 

Gardening or growing crops has become one of the most fascinating hobbies lately. People around the world have found many exciting ways to grow plants. They have been using a lot of alternative methods for some time. Apart from the grow bags, the planting discs are another tending concept. 

Here is everything about planting discs!

What are planting discs for?

What are growing discs? In simple terms, the seed planting discs are a medium for the seeds to grow. They are usually made of rich soil or coco peat and peat moss. There are coir-planting discs as well. This is a pleasant environment for the seeds to grow. You can use these discs in the panting pots to plant the seeds. Many call them peat pallets as well. 

What are the best seed planting discs or soil-filled seed trays?

This is an excellent conversation. Currently, the world of agriculture has many new concepts introduced for gardening. Some of them are very advanced and align well with the latest technology. Most of these methods have made gardening much easier and more exciting. These techniques have made beginners love gardening. 

But when choosing between the two methods, seed trays or planting discs for planting, there is no right or wrong method. The decision entirely depends on personal choice. 

For many, the seed trays look more economical. The seed discs need s initial investment. But it is a much more convenient way to grow the seeds—less hassle and easy to manage. 

Advantages of planting discs

  • The seed pallets or discs expand when you put water on them, creating the perfect environment for the roots to grow. It is a simple, straightforward, and quick way to make the best plant-growing medium. 
  • Using the seed discs is significantly less work when cleaning and maintaining, and you can easily manage the job. 
  • It is less messy as you do not have to work with the soil mix and fill the pots to create the medium for the seeds to grow. 
  • Suppose you are planning to plant them in a tray. You do not have to buy the seed plant kit. You only have to get the seed discs replaced. And you can use the same tray for some time without any issues.

Disadvantages of planting discs

  • Using the seed discs is not economical as using the soil mix in a pot you already have.
  • The seed discs tend to dry fast, and you will have to be on alert for the water needs of the seeds. As it dries quickly, you might have to give a constant water supply to keep the discs hydrated for better growth of the sources. 
  • You need to consider the seed size when you buy the seed discs, as the hole in the middle does not suit all types of seeds. They are sometimes too small for the more giant seeds. 
  • It is harder to tag if you have multiple types of seeds.

So, remember these facts when picking your seed-planting discs.

How to use planting discs?

Now we know seed discs are the hydrated peat pallets held together with a biodegradable mesh. It creates the perfect medium for the seeds to grow. If you are a beginner and new to this method or the concept, you can buy a seed pallet kit and start the project soon. But let us share some tips and tricks on how to start planting on the seed pallet.

  • You must decide the number of seed pallets used in the tray. Place them safely on the tray and store the rest in dry containers for later use. 
  • Place them well in the tray and add water sufficiently to create the medium for planting seeds. 
  • The pallets will fully expand when you leave them for 5-10 minutes.
  • You need to take the top net from the middle and make a small hole on the pallet for the seeds. You have to do it with care using a toothpick. 
  • Now, you can place the seeds in the hole and cover it with the soil you removed to make the hole. 
  • It is better to label the pallets to identify which seed you planted. 
  • Some seeds sprout in 2 days. So, you need to observe and observe the progress of the sources. You also can cover it with a cover or a lid if necessary. But it depends on the type of seeds you have planted.
  • When the seeds are fully sprouted, you can take off the lid or the cover and place it in the sun for better growth.
  • When the seed sprouts are healthy enough to be moved to a pot, you can carefully move planting discs into pots.

The Bottom Line

Working with the seed palettes is easy, and anyone new to gardening can get used to it. These tips and details will be handy for you to start your gardening journey with the planting discs!